Thursday, February 17, 2011

When I’m in a rut…

Yesterday I had ‘one of those days’. I set out intent to produce some great stuff and ended on a lazy note with not much more to show for my progress than a restless sigh. My goal - to begin revising my third book, Two Feet Off The Ground. My result – a saved document time-stamped with yesterday’s date with nothing more than a face lift to the title page. I spent half my day reading emails, browsing twitter feeds, staring at walls, fishing for someone to talk to, seemingly anything other than editing. I like editing. That’s not my problem. I just happened to jump into a cave and couldn’t find the way out. Then, last night, frustrated and needing at least a speck of realized gain, I dropped to my Pergo floor and popped out twenty push ups. When I climbed to my feet, I felt present for the first time all day. That was all the gain I needed. For, this morning, after pounding out another twenty, I revised not just a page, but the entire first chapter!

How do you climb out of a rut?

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