Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Take Action

I always like to start out a new year with several ambitious goals. I write them down and hang them up where I am inspired to read them every single day.

To achieve them, I must take action. This often requires me to take leaps and face risks, conquer the inner voice in my head ranting impossibilities, avoid sinking into self-pity when things don't go as planned, and stand up to those who try to dismantle momentum with their stories of failure.

The truth is, no one is going to understand your goals the way you do. They will not understand what fires up your passion, what keeps you going day and night chasing your dreams, and what not achieving them would do to your spirit. So it's critical you hold tight to your truths, convictions, and ideals and understand them intimately.

The world is filled with unrealized potential and unfulfilled dreams. It is also filled with amazing feats, unstoppable fervor, and limitless inspiration. We have a choice - to take action on our dreams or allow others to steer us in other directions.

I think Will Smith's character summed up this choice perfectly in the following scene:

"If you want something. Go get it. Period." Powerful words to live by.

Wishing you much success in the pursuit of your dreams,


I feel it's critical to support the community, and so I've committed to donate a portion of my book sale proceeds to Chely Wright's LikeMe foundation ( to help provide support, resources and education to LGBT individuals, and their families and friends.