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Two Feet Off the Ground is, more than anything, a beautifully written love story. Love that can overcome the most numbing of fears. The love story builds up slowly, and the private encounters between Lauren and Paula are described with poetic beauty without ever becoming cliché or tacky. The steaming passion is bound to leave you a little wet. The book should’ve been sold with a complimentary pad ;) Read full review...

Inner Secrets hits just a little close to home for me. Hope is gay and she starts her story with that realization on page 1. Hope does many of the things that are traditionally expected of a woman. That sounds familiar to many of you, I’m sure. This book takes you on a journey with her that will make you feel all of her emotions, her highs, and her lows. You’ll work with her as she learns right from wrong and seeks both forgiveness and understanding. Read full review...



Amazon 5 star review
LOVE this book!! Suzie Carr is brilliant!, July 26, 2012

I absolutely LOVED this book! I have all of her books, and would recommend them all, but this one is probably my favorite so far. It's seems each book she writes just gets better. The plot twists in this one will make you cry and fall completely in love with her characters. Both of my dogs are rescues so the subject matter of a no-kill shelter is very dear to my heart. I prefer not to give a synopsis of the book, especially this one, with so many twists and turns. If you want a completely engrossing book that you will not be able to put down, this is the one. In addition to the amazing book itself, Suzie Carr donates a portion of all of her book sales to different charities.

Amazon 5 star review
A New Leash On Life, July 25, 2012

Suzie, as usual,has knocked this one out of the dog park. It is a tale of animal abuse, human devotion to those animals and the struggle to maintain a "no kill" shelter. One youthful mistake that has almost destroyed trust and love turns into a fairy tale ending. Suzie has educated us to the national problem of unwanted pets and the need to support out animal shelters. Go to Amazon to find this and other wonderful books by SuzieCarr


Amazon 5 star review
Controlled passion, July 19, 2012

Human, touching and lesbian.
I started to read this book with the hope of finding a good lesbian novel and it happened. A novel is in itself a life that contains the lives of characters that cna become your friends or enemies, the characters became my friends. Love,passion, friendship, a cocktail of feelings that you recognice straight away. Complexity peope that discover what probably never though of. There is this suspense through the whole story that will keep you wanting more of the story. The writer presents the protagonists of the story with a complete human touch that makes you love them.
Thanks Suzie for entertaining us with your literary input and for creating beauty.


Amazon 5 star review
My Diary... June 21, 2012

This book took my hand and walked me down a long memory lane. Reading The Fiche Room was like reading my diary that I never wrote in those turbulent days. Those words that wrenched my heart, thoughts that split my head in two and emotions that ignited me alive.

There were "weird" moments when I thought that Suzie Carr was in my head some odd 12 years ago.

It is a book I would like that my ex-husband-to be could read, for him to understand how it feels being on the other side and that "cheating" was never meant to be on my agenda. To my mother, so she can feel what she insists in denying at a heart level. To my friends that do not know me, for them to see that being gay and accepting it late in life is never a "decision" lightly taken and for sure a tsunami in all spheres of life where all certainties are left behind.

All this and much more Suzie Carr has succeeded in describing with respect, sincerity and love for life.Thank you!


Amazon 5 star review
Absolutely Without a Doubt Incredible!!, February 15, 2012

Until I started reading Suzie's novels I never was emotionally involved when reading. OMG!! I could not stop reading this one. Please do not take this wrong, her other novels are beyond terrific! Tangerine Twist thus far is my favorite and I feel it is the best of her collection! The story is incredible and it is more less like visualizing a movie while reading. My emotions were flying high while reading. The last few chapters I was so involved I was in tears. I have not ever been so emotional reading until I started reading Suzie's novels - ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!!  

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