Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What makes you laugh?

What Makes you Laugh?

My dogs, Sunshine and Bumblebee, make me laugh. Hands down! I could walk through my front door feeling the weight of the world on my back and as soon as I see those adorable faces bounding towards me, I instantly smile. They just have this effect on me. What I love most is that they don't realize how silly they are. That's what makes them irresistibly funny to me! They play off each other. Sunshine knows how annoyed Bumblebee gets when someone walks by our front window. So, if she has coveted the key position on the couch and he wants it, he'll bark at the front window so she comes running and he slips nicely into her warm spot on the cushion. And, if she wants to play tug-o-war, she will nudge the rope into his face until he has no choice but to latch on and go along for the ride. They crack me up. Life is just better with dogs.

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