Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What are you competitive about?

I’ll just start off by admitting that I am the last person with whom you want to enter into a competition. Why you might ask? Because, my friends, I am one fierce competitor. When someone insinuates I can’t do something, ha, watch out world! Suzie Carr is just revving up. You might want to move out of the way because you’ve never seen the dust kick up heavier than when my engine spurs into action.

A couple of competitive moments stick out brightest in my mind. I remember when I first graduated hairdressing school and was working at a small salon making less money than I dreamed. Someone said to me, “Well, you don’t deserve to make as much as someone who went to college.” I was young and took this to mean that this person thought I wasn’t capable. What did I do? I enrolled in a Bachelor’s degree program and earned Summa Cum Laude, graduating at the top 5% of my class, and coveted the Communication’s Achievement Award. And just to ensure I proved my point, I majored in something I feared more than death, public speaking.

Another moment that stands out was when someone suggested my office embark on a biggest loser competition. I never saw myself as overweight, but apparently someone in my office thought otherwise because she looked at me and said, “You’re in, right?” Call it a spark, an explosion, some cosmic phenomenon, but whatever it was surely jumpstarted my competitive engine that day. Each day, I climbed four flights of steps five times, ran 3 miles, managed fifty pushups, and sweated to endless Insanity DVD’s. Add to this cutting out all forms of bad sugars and bad carbs and within two months dropped thirty pounds and four dress sizes. That was a year-and-a-half ago and I am still fitting into the new wardrobe I purchased with my winnings as the crowned Biggest Loser.

I love proving I can do something I set my mind to. I find this incredibly empowering.

Bring it on!

What gets your engine revving?!

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