Friday, January 4, 2013

My New Website

I have a new website. Please join me on the brand new Curves Welcome...

Thank you for your support and I look forward to continue interacting!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Story That Needs to be Told

I am going to be a part of a very special book project. And, I'd love for you to join me.

The book is called: Confessions of a Lesbian Pastor: sexuality, faith, and acceptance.
This is a collaboration of confessions from a closeted Pastor on faith, sexuality, fear, struggle, story, and acceptance.

We need your help in getting it started.

This book will be made available to kids in small towns, to kids who don’t know their story is important, to adults who are struggling with questions. This book will be a collection of confessions that were started on the blog: - confessions about struggle, sexuality, faith, questions, story, acceptance, coming out, and so much more. In addition to that there will be guest confessions from friends who Rae (a.k.a. mysilenthalf) has met along the way. (I am honored to be one of them!)

The goal is to raise $3,000. This money is going to be matched by an anonymous donor. The challenge: we have one week to raise the funds for the money to be matched. This money isn't for anyone to make a quick buck... instead it's so these books can be handed out to communities who need to hear our stories.

The money will be used to create, ship, and share the books
with others across the country. The point of this book is to share stories and allow others to feel less alone, to put this book in the hands of people who need to know there are people who have lived the same questions, hurt the same hurts, and are standing next to them fighting the same fight.

Will you join us?

Wishing you all the best,
Suzie Carr, novelist

Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Muse Update

by Suzie Carr

I put everything I had into this book. I cried, I laughed, I dug very deep to get this important story into words.

I received great news from my editor last night.  She read my first draft of my 6th novel, The Muse, and gave it two thumbs up. She gets three weeks to read it and she read it in two days.

I trust her opinion and rely on her honesty and objectivity, always, but perhaps more so at this stage of the project. I always wait through these first draft read through weeks with my breath somewhat hitched, afraid that I’ve missed the mark on the concept and will need to rewrite the novel.

Well I’m happy to report she came back with the following: “No words can adequately describe how I feel about this book. It’s life changing. I’m floored beyond belief. The depth and brilliance are at a whole new level. Plot, characters, conflict, resolution, ALL AIRTIGHT SOLID.”

To a writer, this means Olympic gold. Well, at least to this writer!

This love story is written with humor, but carries a serious message. It is about bullying and its effects. It will be released in December 2012. 

It’s an important one to tell because I suffered at the hands of a bully when I was very young. She bullied me into silence for two very long years when I was only five years old. I was too afraid to speak to anyone but my parents and siblings during this time. She literally silenced me. 

Thanks to a great support system at the time, I pulled through what could’ve been devastating to my future. One person’s hatred, jealousy, whatever the root cause, can affect another for eternity, snuffing out the light source, the energy, the very best in someone.

Bullies have the power to destroy lives. They should never be tolerated. Period. If this book helps even one person, I will feel infinitely blessed.

As my readers know, I enjoy donating a portion of my book proceeds to a worthy charity. I am currently researching into national charities to donate a portion of future proceeds from this book. Please feel free to chime in below with your recommendations for a worthy charity that helps promote awareness and support to bullied youth.

Wishing you all the best,

Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Question to Ponder

By Suzie Carr

A question to ponder: if you could give one thing that could make even a small difference, what would it be?

I tossed this question out to the masses last night and got several wonderful responses: A hug, the gift of being honest, time, and my favorite one – love and light.

When we give, we empower others, enrich lives, and spread joy.
Giving takes on many forms. A gift of donating money to a worthy cause can be just as powerful as sharing a smile with someone who is having a bad day. The positive effect ripples and grows exponentially, spreading its roots deeper in areas that crave life, energy and the hope of a better day.

If we all gave a little something each day, the world, in its most basic spiritual sense, would be a better place. The spirit of giving is contagious. It magnifies a power that attracts more giving, thus completing a powerful circle. In giving, we open up to all sorts of positive vibes that have the power to touch countless people in ways we can’t even begin to describe. The gift of a smile can spread to thousands. The gift of sitting with an elderly patient can brighten spirits. The gift of blankets and kibble at an animal shelter can save countless of precious lives. The gift of a hug offers soulful nourishment.

When we give, we help others feel the beauty of peace, gratitude, and hope. Giving renews spirits, ours included. That, in and of itself, is a gift to the world. If we’re living in our best light, those around us benefit, too.

Speaking of giving, I can't forget to mention a beautiful blog I encountered yesterday that really encompasses the spirit of giving - Through her quotes, Sepi gifts us with inspiration, beauty, and food for thought on life's challenges. If you get a chance, I highly recommend checking out her site.

Here’s to shining our light onto the world!

Suzie Carr
I feel it's critical to support the community, and so I've committed to donate a portion of my book sale proceeds to the NOH8 Campaign ( and to Hearts United for Animals ( .

Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Power of a Mantra

by Suzie Carr

I work out most everyday, and most of these sessions are downright grueling. To get through them, I need to be present both physically and mentally. In fact, I think mental presence is more critical. I have those days when I trudge into my workouts with my head hung low, my mind in a fog, and my body refusing to push itself. 
Days like this, I dig deep into my mind and pull out my mantra, “I’m healthy and strong therefore I can do anything.” I repeat this mantra over and over again throughout the workout and to my surprise every time, it powers me with a strength that at times seems superhuman. 
Just for kicks, I tossed out a tweet asking others if they used a mantra to help them dig deeper and get them through their tough moments. I wanted to share some of these inspiring ones. I will be placing them in my reserve for those inevitable days when I will need one to give me that extra push to accomplish a workout, an assignment, a scene, or any of the hundred to-do items I usually tackle on any given day! 

Here they are:
  • “Clear your mind, center your soul." 
  • "Nothing is happening TO you. Things are just happening."
  • "Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid." Basil King 
  • “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, happy, healthy, wealthy, and so thankful for all gifts my life.”
  • "I am not afraid of tomorrow, because I have seen yesterday and I LOVE today!"
  • “You will never get what you want as long as you’re jealous of what other people have.” 
  • “If you cannot believe in yourself ... you cannot believe in anything”
  • "Even if you cut off my arms, I will still create art.”
  • “Forward momentum - something is better than nothing”
  • “I'm learning and Listening Everyday Therefore I can keep hope.”
  • "Thy Will be Done."
  • "Don't underestimate the importance of attempting the impossible and falling short of the mark; in so doing you prepare the ground, and earn the right, to attempt the impossible and succeed!"
  • "Remember to listen: you are always guided if you ask for help."

Do you use a mantra to get you through those tough moments? Feel free to share. Let's inspire each other! 

Wishing you ultimate success in all you do, 

I feel it's critical to support the community, and so I've committed to donate a portion of my book sale proceeds to the NOH8 Campaign ( and to Hearts United for Animals ( .

Monday, July 16, 2012

The Secret to Real Progress

By Suzie Carr

We all have things we want to accomplish. We set out with great intention only to be sidetracked by our psyche urging us to turn the other way and enjoy the lure of things within easy reach instead. Maybe it’s that we want to be savvier with our money or get into better shape or gain more knowledge so we can prosper in our careers. These things all take time, focus, and drive. They require a significant amount of patience and motivation to acquire.

Short cuts just seem easier, don’t they? 

We’re all smart enough to know that to make any real progress, we must do the work. We can’t expect to run a company successfully without first acquiring the skill sets. We can’t expect to have a bestselling novel without first putting in the long hours of writing the book. We can’t expect to have healthy bodies without first treating our bodies with the respect of good nutrition and sensible exercise routines.

The reality then is that we need to work to get ahead on those things that we deem important.

As with any new venture, we set out on new goals fueled with what seems like a super human power. We might spend hours writing some fabulous scenes, reading a book on finance, or tackling the first week of a grueling exercise program. We feel on top of our game, fueled by euphoria from the first scene that took us on a glorious ride, from the first stock papertrade that went well, or from the first inch lost on our waistline.

Then, week two comes around and we find ourselves tempted to let the firm focus grip slide a little. Our old habits are staring us in the face begging for attention. To break an old habit, we need a sticking motivation something that will stand firm in the face of temptation.

A powerful motivator is usually an emotional one.

For instance, when it comes to my health, the drive is deeply rooted in a promise I made to myself after a great friend passed away 2 years ago. I will never again take my health for granted. He died of cancer too early in life and he would've given anything to have a healthy body. I have one, so I'm constantly reminded that I have to treat it with respect. It's almost like if I don't, then I'm disrespecting his battle. This is strong motivation for me tied inextricably to my emotions.

We’re all motivated differently. To find success, we must discover what makes us tick. If we don’t know yet what that thing is that’ll keep us strong in the face of adversity, we need to vigilantly keep searching for it.

Here’s one way: Reach out to others who are role models and doing what you want to be doing. Find out what keeps them focused and see if it mirrors your philosophies and touches you on an emotional level.

Never give up on your journey to discover the power that resides within you. It’s in all of us. 

Wishing you ultimate success in all you do,

Suzie Carr

I feel it's critical to support the community, and so I've committed to donate a portion of my book sale proceeds to the NOH8 Campaign ( and to Hearts United for Animals ( .

Check out my series of LGBT fiction.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

A New Leash on Life

By Suzie Carr

I’ve spent the last six months planning, writing, and nurturing a new story I can’t wait to share with you all. I’ve approved the final proof of A New Leash on Life and am happy to report it is now available via Kindle and in the Kindle Lending Library on Amazon. Print version will be available next week.

This story is an important one for me to tell because it’s one that is close to my heart. As an avid animal advocate and lover, I feel it’s critical for human beings to protect the welfare of animals. They rely on us, trust us, and remain by our sides with loyal, unconditional love.

As with all of my books, I enjoy giving a portion of proceeds back to the #lgbt community. For this book, I will also be donating a portion to Hearts United for Animals.

Hearts United for Animals is a national no-kill animal shelter, sanctuary and animal welfare organization dedicated to the relief of suffering. They rescue dogs from all over the country and specialize in long distance adoptions. They take creatures who are lost, afraid, hungry or ill and comfort them, give them a warm, soft bed, good food, medical care and most of all, love.

HUA is a place of happiness, joy and love. Everything they do is in the best interest of the dogs. The dogs have big fields of grass and trees in which to run. Our primary interest is what will make them happy. HUA is a place to
celebrate the joy of life.

Thank you to all who support my work!

Here’s a summary of A New Leash on Life

When a hurricane blows through town and threatens the future of Olivia Clark's animal shelter, she publicizes her desperate plea for help to the masses. Aid comes from a surprising source: Chloe Homestead, Olivia's ex-girlfriend from thirteen years ago and the only girl Olivia has ever loved.

Chloe, a self-made millionaire, offers to finance and manage the shelter’s repairs and operations, a gesture Olivia is in no position to refuse. Working intimately together to provide loving care to homeless animals, Olivia struggles to keep her composure in Chloe’s fun and flirty presence. As Olivia's walls start to crumble, the past catches up to them. Chloe has a dark secret, a secret that she’s been carrying around for thirteen years.

Will Chloe's secret threaten the future of the shelter and the relationship she has worked so hard to restore?