Thursday, September 29, 2011

Words = Reality

Our Words Become Our Reality

By Suzie Carr

I’ve had friends and coworkers venting to me about their husbands, their wives, their sisters, their mothers, you name it, and the deeper into the trough of the complaint they get, the crazier their moods become. I can actually see their eyes start to pop, their cheeks start to redden, their bodies start to tighten like a balled up fist. What might’ve started out as a romp in conversation about a partner’s inability to put the remote control back on the end table each day, turns into a tirade about this partner never listening, never helping, never being home, etc. Wow how does this partner ever redeem herself?

The more we breathe life into a complaint, the bigger it grows. What a force!

It’s easy to complain to a friend about the pesky habits of your partner or the outlandish way another friend acted, and honestly, sometimes it just feels good to complain. Find a willing listener, and airing out the frustrated details of another person’s supposed angst against us tickles our inner comfort zone, strangely enough.

The problem with complaining is that it tends to perpetuate into a completely different animal altogether by sheer momentum. And, any good feeling derived is short-lived. Just like a creamy chocolate bar is delicious as it passes your lips and dances with your taste buds, so too is the lure of complaining. That yum factor loses its power pretty quickly. What’s left is that bitter taste of knowing you’re going to have to work extra hard to nullify its effects.

So, if our words become reality, imagine the possibilities of directing them from complaints to accolades? Imagine the things we could perpetuate in this lifetime if we harnessed this power?

Do you agree in this power of words?

Wishing you a great day,

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