Monday, February 28, 2011

Little White Lie...

The white lie: It’s wrapped in purity. It’s told for the greater good. It’s forgivable, acceptable. And, when it stays hidden, it’s the perfect escape out of what could be a disastrous telling of truth. I heard that the average person lies five times a day. I’m assuming these are white lies to help get them through those sticky situations that could otherwise turn real ugly, real fast. Like for instance, when I told a fellow passenger on an airline flight that her paranoia about crashing wasn’t at all bothersome for the four hours we sat next to each other; or when I told my hair client that her shampoo hadn’t come in for her on time because the shipment was late, not in fact because I failed to order it. See none of these lies, if revealed, would crack open a crevice and swallow someone whole. So, I take these as community service type fixes that keep us all together, functioning as a spirited group of human beings.

I think where most of us get into trouble, is when we lie about things that, if not revealed, continually tend to threaten and undermine who we are as a friend, daughter, mother, and lover. They burden us, whether we’re aware of it or not, and can stunt the beauty of realized potential, progress and growth.

Lying has its place, its occasion, its reason for being called into action. It can be as innocuous as a pen or equally as dangerous.

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